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At mp2 we strive to go beyond the project expectations with every given opportunity. We're always looking around the corner for our next that yours? We certainly hope so.
Feel free to contact Peter or Michael for representation.

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Michael (the "m" in mp2)

One of the two guys at mp​2 is Michael Croatt. From the moment your project starts you can see Michael running around as busy as anyone on set. He's constantly on the move and making the project better by the moment. A talented image maker and equally gifted post project editor Michael gives you what you need and more.

Michael’s second passion is traveling the countryside, looking for perfect locations to shoot astrophotography. Check out the beautiful work here.

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Peter (the "p" in mp2)​

With 30+ years in the industry Peter Hernandez has a vast amount of experience. If you throw a curveball at this guy he's got an answer for it rather quickly. Whether your project is on location or in studio Peter has got you covered. He's always watching out for your budget, keeping you on time and making sure the deliverables are on point.

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